Please avoid illegal and pirated sources of movies!

Please avoid illegal and pirated sources of movies!

There is a high demand for pirated movies in the country. Due to which this group of websites release pirated copies of this movie. Because this type of movie download links has a great search volume on the internet. And are very profitable when users visit these sites.

 To make this huge amount of profits through movies. These big sites release many pirated copies on the internet by which they tend to get a high amount of traffic and hence traffic leads to a large amount of $$$$. 

By making profits by this movie download copies. These sites tend to make the makers of these movies in loss. 

Movie makers tend to create losses due to this: 

Nowadays, who does not want to watch and Download movies for free? Yes, there are millions of people across the world who love to download or stream all the latest Hindi, English or Tamil movies from piracy websites instead of going to theatres.

These movie makers tend to receive a huge loss because of this high piracy rate, especially in India. They tend to make losses of more than money you can think of. 

Each time the losses can cross a margin of about 50-100 crores. And thinking of losses this big the movie makers face a really big amount of losses. Due to this piracy website. Just think in a way that if someone creates something just take an example of a movie.

The makers of this movie put in their hard work and passion in making the film. Paying all of the expenses like the electricity bill, the costs of sets, the cost of all working to make this movie. The makers pay for their editor, writer, choreography and much more. Especially the actors acting in this movie.

Steps you should take to stop this kind of movie piracy in the country:

First of all the searches for pirated movies should be reduced or controlled. So that this movie download sites will not release the pirated versions of movies. 

Still if you find some websites providing you with the pirated copies of the movie. These sites should be immediately reported to google or filed a DMCA act against them. 

Best way to stream or download Movies:

The best to stream or download a movie will be watching it legally through the help of theaters or streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other OTT platforms.

By doing this you will be paying the makers of the film and thus making this a completely legit, best and legal way to stream or download a movie. You just need to buy a monthly subscription to the streaming platforms and you will be granted access to millions of movies, T.V shows and many more.

The subscriptions for streaming platforms like AMAZON PRIME VIDEO starts from as low as 129 INR and bundles up with many amazing features like prime video, Amazon Prime Membership, Prime Music and Amazon Kindle.

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